These are the most recent articles that were published in Harold’s newsletter and syndicated column, “Flying Saucers 101®” which have appeared in newspapers, blogs, magazines and websites worldwide since 1998.

  • 10 Secrets of Alien Science That Can Improve Your Life Today
  • Why Your Neighbors Know Something You Don’t
  • 10 Things Your Government DID Keep Secret From You.doc
  • Your Child’s Science Class is Way Out of Date and Why You’re Paying For It.
  • What UFO Secrecy Is Costing You and Your Family
  • A Life-Changing Gift that You Can Give Your Children For Free
  • The Business of Lying
  • 7 Things Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You
  • 9 Steps to Improve Your Future
  • Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong – by Steven Aftergood (Disclosure Project Site)
  • 5 Shocking Things The Public Wants To Tell UFO Researchers
  • God Comes In The Mail


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