Bill Stockstill

Flying Saucers 101 is destined to become a classic. It lays the subject out in simple language and uses logic that even the most ardent skeptic will find hard to fault. It takes the reader back thousands of years through recorded time, and presents stimulating evidence of a new world history. It does not use sensationalism to indulge the senses, rather, Harold Burt has written something that replaces fear with understanding. Even children will be able to make sense of this incredible phenomenon. I wish I had this to read when I was in school!

Art Bell

Art Bell, Coast To Coast AM and Dreamland nationally syndicated radio Program:

I want to tell you about a great new book that s been receiving rave reviews, and rightly so. Flying Saucers 101 by Harold Burt is the most complete reference book on UFOs and related phenomena you can find anywhere. It reads like a novel on Flying Saucers, the Face on Mars, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, Roswell, Alien Abductions, Missing Time, and much more. It s the one book you must read this year!

William J. Birnes

Host:  UFO Hunters – The History Channel

Publisher:  UFO Magazine:

There is no other book like Flying Saucers 101. It should be mandatory reading for every high school and college student in the country. Harold Burt has done a fabulous job in giving people a complete, overall picture of the UFO/Alien phenomenon. No one is immune, we are all involved in this. No matter your area of study or expertise; science, math or social studies, there is information in here that you need to know.

Robert O. Dean

Col. Robert O. Dean, (ret.) U.S. Military Intelligence:

Flying Saucers 101 is a most brilliant and long overdue work.

Melinda Leslie

Melinda Leslie UFO & abduction researcher, Founder of the Art Bell Chat Clubs:

With Flying Saucers 101, you hit the nail on the head. Somebody finally got it right. I am going to recommend this book to everyone who has had a UFO experience. They’ll finally learn the truth. I can t say enough about the book.

Anthony H.

Flying Saucers 101 is one of the best UFO and related issues books available today. Mr. Burt’s writing style is engaging and personal, and his telling of his own interest in UFOs and how that came about, is a welcome contrast to other literature in this field….. overall quality and thoroughness of this fine book! Well done Mr. Burt, and thanks for your erudition and personable writing style.

Tom Springer

San Diego State University

Flying Saucers 101 is the most complete and straightforward presentation of the UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon you will ever read. If you’ve heard all the complex questions about UFOs, here’s the best chance you have to get all the answers in a single book. An instant PhD in Ufology.

Ann R.

This is a “must own” book for anyone interested in flying saucers and their occupants and other related information. Mr. Burt gives you a new way of looking at all the sense and non-sense we know about these subjects that so little is said about, but so much is secretly known about. Guaranteed to contain new information on almost every page. Once you start to read it, you’ll hate to lay it down..It’s a keeper as a reference book. If you can only own a few books about this subject be sure this is one of them.

Kevin C.

One of the best books on the subject that I have ever read. Not only does the author give insight into events of the past century, but also covers incidents and stories going way back in history.

Catherine S.

London, U.K.

Dear Harold,

I really wanted to thank you for that wonderful book. I have passed the book on to my mum – she’s engrossed in it. You have no idea what this means to me. For years I have wanted my mum to try at least to understand and believe me, rather than think I have an overactive imagination! I am so grateful for your help, Harold and just wanted to say, if you ever need anything from me,  in which I could help, then please ask. Warmest wishes.

Kathy H.

A great book for adults and kids alike. A one of a kind book about flying saucers that covers all the bases. The stories and incidents go far back into history and the book also thoroughly details important events like Roswell and numerous reported alien sightings and abductions.

Monty & Judy

Harold, thank you so much for Flying Saucers 101. My original copy is about worn out, due to loaning out. Your book has definitely changed people and their minds about reality.

Sharon M.

Dear Mr. Burt, I read your book (borrowed from a friend) and I have to have it! It’s incredible! Please tell me how I may get it! Thanks.

Howard N.

I have just finished reading your book, Flying Saucers 101. Finally, someone has put many of the pieces of the puzzle together so it is clear and understandable for anyone  who is willing to accept the truth.

Alan V.

Harold, first I must congratulate you on your wonderful book, Flying Saucers 101. It is a first-class collection of information on the exciting subject of UFOs and I have enjoyed reading it.


Fred B.

This book is the ultimate book on UFOs/aliens/science fiction/science, etc.  This book has it all, literally. Harold E. Burt is one of the best authors out there, he’s really outdone himself this time, great book!! A must have for all UFO fans!

Susan H.

I read this book before learning about the disclosure project, and thought that some of it was just plain bull. Now, I know that it wasn’t. 5 stars.

David R.

Thank you very much for writing Flying Saucers 101. It is most interesting and very informative. I have always been very interested in UFOs and related phenomena. I like to listen to Coast to Coast AM nightly.



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